Wednesday, January 16, 2019

1:9 scale birthday

NaMoPaiMo is package season, at least for me. Nearly every day the mailman brings me a box, and nearly every day that box is not for me. 
Today was different. Today the mailman brought me three boxes, and everyone of them contained something I get to keep.
Corina Roberts sent a few of these 1:9 scale horse heads with her NaMoPaiMo donations. I think they look just like the bridle display heads you see at tack shops, and I am excited to explore this idea further.
I an also excited about my Mares in Black Holiday Photo Contest winnings. To think I almost didn't enter... Just look at all this stuff! 
Last but certainly not least was this teeny tiny birthday present from Nichelle Jones.
It's not actually my birthday, but I couldn't wait until Friday. I had to open it right away!
Oh, oh, oh! Nichelle gave me two tiny ribbon pillows like those featured in the infamous GoldieBlox video. I love them so much!
I've given out a lot of 1:9 scale gifts in 1:9 scale gift bags, but I've never been on the receiving side of this equation before today. This was amazing.
Thank you so much, Nichelle. You made my day!

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  1. I'd say you were overdue to receive. :) Nichelle has made several peoples' days. Love the pillows! I just never thought of them in this scale before. It gives ideas...