Saturday, January 12, 2019

No going back

My NaMoPaiMo pony was nearly prepped so I took her outside and I sprayed her with a light coat of primer.
I let her cure, then took her back inside for inspection. As per usual, the primer exposed a few missed areas. I started sanding, and something terrible happened. 
Almost her entire surface area collapsed into a giant honeycomb of pinholes. 
I made an attempt to fill them with Bondo. That helped but not enough, so I consulted the experts.

 They were unanimous. My NaMoPaiMo pony needed to grow a winter coat.
I broke out the Gesso and Molding paste, and here's my pony a few hours later.
She's not done and she's not perfect, but I am pleased with my efforts. Beyond that, I am glad this happened to my NaMoPaiMo model. My first instinct when I saw those pinholes, was to banish her to the deepest, darkest corner of the unpainted resin shelf. Instead I powered through the problems. This is why there are no go backsies in NaMoPaiMo. I made a commitment and I am going to see it through to the end.

P.S. Tot's new name is Bubbles. Sometimes they really do name themselves,


  1. FUZZZ!!! I think I am probably going to have a lot backtrack things like that when painting and prepping my guy!! And also a question, what other ways can we send the 2 dollars for entry fee? And do I just send you a picture of My model and I through email?

    1. A few missed areas are par for the course, but this was really extreme. I'm glad fuzzy was a good option, because it would have been a ridiculous amount of work to fix that otherwise.

      You can send a photo of you and your model to Contact me there for payment info as well.