Friday, January 11, 2019

Can I edit my entry?

Melanie Miller posted this on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page, and I love it so much, I am reposting it here for everyone to see and read. It might seem like the NaMoPaiMo rules are overly strict and arbitrary, but really, there's a method to the madness. Thank you, Mel,  for explaining why the committing part is so important.

Can I Change My Entry?

by Melanie Miller

Here are the answers to the most common NaMoPaiMo signup questions and concerns! The short and to the point version is:

Can I change my color? No.
Okay, but can I put in several colors to choose from? No.
Well, can I change my horse?? Still no.
But it's too hard to pick!!! Believe me, I know.

If you just needed the answers, there you have it! If you'd like to know why the registration process is important and even helpful for you, read on.

For the purposes of NaMoPaiMo, you need to pick a horse and a color and stick with it. It’s actually an important part of the challenge! At it's most basic, no one can paint a model without picking a color first. This part of the challenge ensures you're all set and have a direction to follow so you're not spinning your wheels with indecision and second guessing yourself all month.

Picking your project ahead of time also creates a set of restrictions, and while this may seem stifling, it is actually very good for creativity! When you have to arrive at a certain end point, you figure out how to get there instead of just flailing around and hoping for the best. People here can help you problem solve and overcome hurdles, and each time you meet a new goal you'll have more skills than you did before.

Picking a color can be broad to get started. If your main goal is to simply get a horse finished, that's great! If you pick, say, bay, you can start light and if you want, go darker. No problem! If your horse wants it and you feel up to it, add dapples. If not, no problem! Just get it painted, learn the process, and have something at the end that you made yourself.

Some people pick very narrow goals, and that's good too. I recommend that if you are new to painting, you not "paint yourself into a corner" by being too specific. NaMoPaiMo is great for that push to tackle problems that you know need work. Know yourself and make the call on your appropriate stretch goals.

If you're finding that picking your color is just impossible, why is that? Is your model something you can't replace and it's stressful picking just the right thing? Maybe it would be best to grab a random cheap body with no consequences instead. NaMoPaiMo shouldn’t be mega stressful. Set yourself up for success and pick a project that doesn't cause you to constantly have second thoughts.

If the horse is easily replaceable, then what does it matter? Just pick something - anything - and stick with it. You can always get another or repaint it! It’s normal and okay to feel a little anxiety about whether you picked the right color. The only way to get past that feeling is to just do it.

Parting thoughts:

- It's just a paint job. If you don't like it, you can repaint it! (Later, after the official challenge). At least you learned something by doing it.
- NaMoPaiMo is a "challenge". You can make that challenge whatever you like within the official entry framework. Set requirements are great for activating your creative and troubleshooting abilities - the framework helps you focus so you have the best shot at achieving your goal.
- It's okay if you don't finish. Nothing will happen to you if you can't get it done or you really really want to switch colors. Start anyway! Beginning is the first step to getting results and making any progress at all is a good thing.
- Have fun!
P.S. As of today, we have two hundred thirty five registered entrants!

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