Thursday, January 17, 2019

Decade of writing

Tomorrow is my fiftieth birthday.
I started writing this blog when I was thirty nine.
"Starting the year out right"
January 3, 2009
This means the entire decade of my forties has been recorded here. 
"Still hurting"
October 23, 2013
That's kind of amazing.
"Queen for a day"
September 3, 2012
Ostensibly, this a model horse blog, and I have written a lot of words about model horse topics.
"Walking vs, jogging"
February 25, 2013
There have been pictures of new additions,
"Purdy epic"
May 21, 2014
live show reports,
July 20, 2017
studio updates,
"No treats"
October 31, 2011
"Tack tips--Raised nosebands, part two"
October 27, 2009
and , well, saddle rats.
August 7, 2012
Because of this blog, I have hosted the 2015 BCS Winter Photo Challenge,
"Fabian's contest entry"
January 31, 2015
the Jennifer Show...
"If you build it"
September 22, 2016 
and NaMoPaiMo.
"We did it"
March 1, 2017
But as much as I love model horses, even I can't talk about model horses all the time. 
"Jennifer's hobby confession"
November 13, 2013
Over the years, there have been nearly as many posts about real horses.
"Draft horse barrel racing, part two"
July 31, 2012
I've written about horses from my past...
August 25, 2014
and present...
"Holiday horses"
December 24, 2018
as well as famous horses I've admired from afar.
"Belmont Saturday"June 5, 2010
I've also shared stories about my family.
"I brake for horses"
September 7, 2015
My kids were still little when I started blogging.
June 10, 2009
Now they are mostly grown.
"Throwback Thursday"
May 24, 2018
There have been a lot of good days...
"Road trip recap, part one"
December 14, 2016
and a few hard days.
"Jim's memorial"October 21, 2015
I've said goodbye to more animals...
"Abbie's ashes"
August 10, 2010
and people than I care to remember.
"I love tools"
September 6, 2016
I've learned a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot and grown a lot. It's been a pretty good ten years.
"Where to begin?"
January 17, 2018
Thank you to everyone who's stuck with me through the decade of my forties. I can't imagine my life without you.
"I love you guys"
October 20, 2015
P.S. Instead of wishing me happy birthday, could you please let me know which post or posts have stuck with you over time? Which did you love or hate or go back and read again and again? It's okay if you don't remember the title or date. If you describe it, I can probably figure it out.


  1. My most remembered is the one where you made some sleighbells for someone. I contacted you and asked if you would make me a set. I am lucky enough to now have two sets; even better, I have gained a very dear friend. Happy Birthday!

  2. Easy, my fave is your breakdown of performance showing. It changed my perspective completely!

    1. I'm not sure if you mean this post or this one, but it doesn't really matter. They go together, as one kind of explains the other and vice versa.

      Either way, thank you! I was really pleased with the response to those posts.

  3. I'm unfortunately going to have to say the posts announcing both Rev and Trillium's untimely deaths. I follow your blog for multiple reasons (the writing, the pictures, the information!) but for some reason those two stick out to me.
    I'm also quite pleased that I was able to meet Tiffany and see some of her horses due to your post on the Columbus WI show.
    Thank you for letting us into your life!

    1. Oh, Rev's death hit me hard. Although our day to day relationship lasted just one short year, he ties with Santana for being the most significant horse of my forties. I will always miss him.

      Of course, I loved dear, sweet Trillim, too. She was so beautiful (those dapples!) and I learned a lot from her.


  4. Overall, it is your “writer’s voice”, generous nature in sharing and educating within the hobby, and keen eye for beauty and meaning photographically. No matter the subject (and I enjoy it all!) you offer poignant and candid viewpoint. THANK YOU and Happy Birthday! Here’s to more decades of horses, dogs, people, art, life!

    1. Thank you! This is really a wonderful compliment.


  5. You have a three (?) part series on calf roping that I've used A LOT, including as reference photos for making myself a complete set of tack.

    1. I didn't write that one, but I agree, it's very good!


  6. The first post of yours I remember reading was one about stupid halters. I don't know how I found your blog, as I wasn't 'into' models at that time. I remember thinking, "Tack for models, that's a little weird..." Than after I got in to the hobby, I redescovered this blog, it was your posts that encouraged my to try out performance and gave me tool necessary to at least feel like I knew what I was doing. XD So thanks for being my gateway drug. Lol

  7. Um, all of them?? Haha, seriously though, there have been SO many posts of yours that I've loved that it's very hard to narrow it down! Let's see... your tack tips have helped me learn all sorts of new things. I always love the photos you've shared from real and model horse shows, trail rides, and other adventures. And of course, anything and everything you've posted about miniatures! :D

    Your blog has become a HUGE resource full of useful information, from tack making to showing to customizing. It's definitely inspired me in many ways! So thanks for that. :)

  8. There isn't one post that stands out to me, but I love reading your blog. You are an amazing photographer and a great writer. Your blog helps me feel connected to the model horse hobby, even when real life keeps me busy. Thank you for your generous sharing of yourself and happy belated birthday!

    1. Oops - on my work computer so didn't recognize me - Danielle Feldman