Tuesday, January 8, 2019


I have big painting plans for NaMoPaiMo, so this month is all about prepwork.
Like a lot of artist resin models, my NaMoPaiMo pony, Tot, has exposed wires in all of her legs.
These wires are placed into the mold during the casting process. They provide strength and prevent warping. You absolutely want them to be in there, just not quite this close to the surface.
Usually, I would cover the wires with a thin layer of epoxy, but in this case, the wires were already at or above the surface of her legs. Even a little bit of epoxy would have added too much bulk. The only real solution was to break out the tools!
Most resin casters use stainless steel wire, which is harder than regular steel. Steel files won't make much of an impact, so it's best to use a Dremel motor tool  equipped with a tungsten carbide bit. 
Working slowly and carefully, I was able to grind down the wire so it was just below the surface of the leg. 
 I then filled the area with epoxy and sanded smooth.
Unfortunately, there are still a couple spots where the wire is peeping through the resin. 
Since they're very small, I'm going to cover them with Brush-on Resin Gel. 
Thank you, Lisa Smalley and Charlotte Donahue for your help with this post. I learn so much from my fellow NaMoPainters!


  1. Very helpful advice. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Just registered. So excited for my 2nd NaMoPaiMo! - Horsegirl275