Sunday, January 20, 2019

Prepping parties

One of my favorite parts of NaMoPaiMo is seeing hobbyists gather together to pursue artistic rather than competitive goals.
photo by Cindy Evans
Even though NaMoPaiMo hasn't officially started, there have already been a number of NaMoPaiMo parties this year.
Andrea Brygidyr's party in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Some are big.
Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko's prepping party near Utrecht, Holland
photo courtesy of Marjolein van Baarle
Others are small.
Stephanie Hicks and Kitty Grubka at Stephanie's house in Karlstad, Minnesota
Nearly all of them involve friends, food, fun and ponies!
photo by Cindy Evans-Yates from her prepping party in Lexington, Kentucky
Allison Pareis' party in Muncie, Indiana nearly got derailed by a huge winter storm that produced more than six inches of snow. Rather than brave the roads, she, Lauren Maultsby and Ilianna Lovegrove had a virtual party via video chat in messenger! Now that's the NaMoPaiMo spirit!
 Keep the party pictures coming, everyone. This truly is what NaMoPaiMo is all about!

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