Friday, January 4, 2019

My NaMoPaiMo sign-up

As of right now, there are one hundred twenty five people signed up for this year's NaMoPaiMo.
Some of us
Not surprisingly, I first on the list. Here's how I filled out this year's registration form.
My name is Jennifer Buxton. I am an adult, and I live in Aurora, Colorado, USA.
I consider myself an advanced amateur. My models have been successful in the show ring, but I am not a professional.
I will be painting a slightly customized Tot resin by Jennifer Kroll.
I will use acrylics, oils and pastels to give her a light chestnut pinto coat.
My primary goal is to paint my horse only once this year. 
I also hope to paint my five dollar donkey resin...
and finish my Hornet.
 I realize that this was part of my 2018 goal, but hope spring eternal during NaMoPaiMo.
Beyond my own personal painting goals, I am looking forward to a month of education, excitement and encouragement. Can it be February already? I can't wait!

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