Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Last ride of last year

Every new year should start with a ride, but today is just a little too cold.
So instead of sharing pictures from the first ride of this year, I'm reliving the last ride of last year. On Sunday, Mary Jo, Claire and I headed out to the site of the Sixth Avenue Extension.
We wanted to check out the project's progress.
It's really going up fast!
The site is quiet on Sundays, we were able to ride up onto the new road and get a good, close-up look.
The view from the westbound lanes is really gorgeous. It's too bad we won't be able to enjoy this for long!
We took a few pictures then rode back down the hill... 
and across the way... 
to the eastbound lanes.
I was mounted on Karen's wonderful Rocky Mountain Horse, Thunder who is just the bravest little horse. He was more than happy to stand near the edge and let me take photos of everything.
Actually, all our horses were exceptionally good on Sunday.
They walked past multiple scary objects with out ever batting an eye.
Good girls, Scarlett and Doodle. Good boy, Thunder. 
On the way back, we saw our first bald eagle of the season
We rode through icy river bottom,
which was icy in places, despite the warm weather.
 As we neared the barn, we saw smoke blowing across the trail.
It's hard to see here, but the telephone pole had sparked and was on fire. At this point, we decided to reroute the ride and take the long way home. Better safe than sorry! 
The last ride of 2018 had a little bit of everything: good friends, good horses, beautiful natural scenery, not-so-beautiful, man-made construction, an eagle, fire and ice. It was the perfect ending to a really good year in the saddle. 

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  1. I never understand how the human kind can dispose such ugly things everywhere, specialy on wonderfull landscapes. I'm always ashamed as I wonder why.