Thursday, October 25, 2018

Candy corn, take four

In the last couple weeks, a lot of people have fed a lot of candy corn to a lot of horses. However, no one has tested the "horses animals like candy corn"  theory as thoroughly as my friend, Janna Shepherd. I usually try to keep blog posts to thirty photos or less, but this is pure comic gold. I couldn't stand to cut a single picture. Thank you Janna, Prada, Bunny, Wrangler, Lola, Riley, Kody , Zeus, Brodie, Benji and Stitch for sharing your results with all of us!

The Candy Corn Taste Test

by Janna Shepherd

Test subject #1 - Prada. She sniffed the candy corn and took it...
And spit it out.
Let's try a second one...
She took it and ate it this time...
Still unsure though.
Let's try again while we're outside.
She sniffs it, but isn't interested.
Maybe the candy corn will be more appealing in bulk? Nope, she'd rather eat hay.
Test subject #2 - Bunny.
She sniffs the candy corn...
"Do you want this?"
 Still sniffing...
Stilllll sniffing and won't try it.
Is candy corn more appealing in bulk?
No. She'd rather be left alone to eat hay.
Test subject #3 - Wrangler. She's not so sure about the candy corn.
Wrangler sniffs it.. and takes one.
Chewing.. she spit it out and then tried again.
"Ok, I like this now and will eat more please." Candy corn is Wrangler approved.
Test subject #4 - Lola. Wrangler still wants more so that makes Lola curious about the snack.
Lola gingerly takes the candy corn.
Chewing it up really good and spitting some of it out...
"Ok, it's good, I'll have another and eat the whole thing this time." Candy corn is Lola approved. 
Test subject #5 - Riley. Riley is always down for snacks.
Yes, she likes candy corn very much. Candy corn is definitely Riley approved.
Test subject #6 - Kody. He's not sure.
Kody needs to sniff it a little longer.
"Ok, I'll try." 
"Yes mom that was good, more candy corn please." Candy corn is Kody approved.
Test subject #7 - Zeus. He doesn't know what to think.
He decides to try the candy corn.
He spit it out.
Zeus takes a second try. Now he decides he'll eat it and candy corn is officially Zeus approved.
Test subject #8 - Brodie. Brodie is interested (thanks to Zeus's encouragement).
Brodie takes one candy corn...
"I'll eat it over here and get back to you about what I think."
"I like the candy corn, more please."
"Thanks mom!" Candy corn is Brodie approved.
Test subject #9 - Benji.
He's unsure about the candy corn.
Benji gently takes a bite.
Lots of contemplative chewing...
"Let me try another piece..hmmm...."
More contemplative chewing...
Benji decides he likes it. Candy corn is Benji approved.
Test subject #10 - Stitch. She does not recognize the candy corn as food.
"If I headbutt the candy corn, will you pet me?"
I try to put the candy corn on the ground to see if she'll take it that way instead.
Stitch sniffs it...
"You want me to eat this?"
"No thanks."
"PET ME INSTEAD, HUMAN." Candy corn is not approved by Stitch.
Thank you again, Janna and crew. That was awesome!


  1. Are all those pets yours? You are awesome!

  2. Yes, they are all mine (and my husband's)! We have a large furry family, scaley too, mostly rescues (all but the horses), mostly unplanned lol. :)

  3. This did make me laugh out loud. Approved!

  4. Cats have no receptors for sweet taste. That's why they weren't impressed. Approved, though.