Saturday, October 27, 2018

Candy corn, take six

I never thought I would write this many posts about candy corn, but the Facebook tags keep coming so here we are. This group of photos comes from Laura Skillern and includes horses, sheep and a new candy corn critter, chickens! 
The candy corn were too big straight from the bag, but Richard and Cali enjoyed them after they were broken into smaller chunks. 
As soon as she saw the bag, Kylie knew this was going to be good. 
So good! 
Harriet was more cautious, and Oliver gave them an F- . He had to eat a weed to get the taste out of his mouth.
Simon shared Oliver's lack of enthusiasm. 
Despite multiple presentations... 
he preferred his normal horse food. 
"We can take whatever he doesn't want!"
I don't know what is happening. Early experiments indicated that horses like candy corn, but we've now seen rejections from Twist, Prada, Bunny and Simon. It's clear that more data is needed. Looks like I'll be stopping at Target on my way to the barn tomorrow!

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