Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Little Tree Youth Show

The two things that make me feel most optimistic about the future of model horse showing are Amateur Owner classes and Youth Divisions. The Backwoods Two Day Show had both.
Technically speaking, the Little Tree Youth Show was a separate event, held at the same and place as Backwoods, but with a different hostess. This allowed Amber's daughters to show.
Show holder/judge, Renae Grinlaubs did a masterful job with her young entries. She was cheerful and positive and gave reasons for her placings as she laid down the ribbons for each class.
The Little Tree Youth Show had three divisions: Original Finish halter, Custom Halter and Performance.
No surprise, I took the most pictures of performance. 
 So cute! 
I was especially taken with this driving entry.
The harness is made out of clay... Why didn't I think of that?!? 
Great job, ladies!
Thank you, Renae, for making the Little Tree Youth Show a reality. It's so nice having kids in the show hall!

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  1. I. Love. This. And that clay, cardboard wagon set up is so sweet and charming. I love the imagination! Hooray for nurturing our next generation!