Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Dog blanket

My beautiful Abbie grew up on the A show hunter jumper circuit and had the requisite horse show dog wardrobe, including a bridle leather collar with brass nameplate,
a leather leash with brass nameplate... 
and a Baker blanket with her name embroidered on the left side. 
Since I have been in a blanket sewing kind of mood, I thought it would be fun to make a 1:9 scale dog blanket. Originally, I was going to make it for my model Abbie, but then I reconsidered. The real Abbie never really liked wearing clothes. Probably her portrait doesn't either.
Fortunately, I have a lot of other dogs to choose from.
It was a hard decision, but in the end, I opted to go with the trotting Dalmatian.
Every blanket gets a tote bag.
This was mostly a fun Maketober project, but it's easy to imagine this finding its way into a live show entry, especially now that I have a winter scene diorama.
That was fun, but I think I might be done with blankets now... at least until the next snowfall!


  1. I love to see you enjoying model dogs :-) . I always loved them as much as the horses :-)

  2. HaHa! Hey Jennifer!
    What is the name of your kennel?
    Does Aurora have restrictions on how many dogs one can own? I counted nearly 20 models --PLUS you own 2 "real" ones too??!! WOW!!
    And your neighbor's *don't*complain about the noise?!
    (PLEASE *don't* take me seriously! I'm just teasing you about your models!) In my state, though, I believe we are limited to having only 2 real dogs as pets!
    I *love* your collars, blankets, and other small props! I wish I could either own some or was talented enough to make my own!
    I'm like you--next to my horse collection, I "own" several dog models of different breeds!��
    One day--do you think you can do a post on what MOLDS you get your breeds from? I know some of them look like Breyer companion animal series--are the others resins??

    1. Residents of Aurora are allowed to have three adult dogs per household, so I could still get one more big dog. Believe me, there are days when I'm tempted.

      As for the little dogs, they have come from so many different places over so many years, I honestly can't remember what a lot of them are. Aside from the Breyers, there's at least one Schleich, many OF resins and a few toys. I love them all.