Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Backwoods resins and customs

Artist resins and customs are my two favorite halter divisions. I didn't show in either - at least not seriously - at the Backwoods Two Day Show, but I still took lots and lots of pictures.
The class list at Backwoods was small but mighty, with only ten classes and no subdivisions for both Artist Resin and Custom halter.
Entrants were limited to three horses per class...
but buy-ins were allowed. 
There were a lot of crowded tables and some very nice horses.
 Here is judge, Alex Aarons contemplating his callback table.
Top honors went to Fabian Rodriguez's Geordi (champ) and Renae Grinlaub's Knightly Cadence (reserve).
Congratulations, Fabian and Ocsic (Cisco spelled backwards)! 
The Custom division was judged by show holder, Amber Schultz. 
There aren't enough words yo describe how much I love Heather's donkey foal by Pamala Hutton. I take her picture at every show.
I also took a surprisingly large number of photos from the Fantasy class.
So many big...
and little winged equids! 
In the end, Heather Malone's Damn Daniel was named division Champion...
with Nancy Dement's Snickers in Reserve. 
Congratulations to all the winners!

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  1. Slowing down to look at these, my favorite is that Dam' Daniel... what mold is he? A custom Latigo? wow...