Thursday, October 25, 2018

Candy corn, take three

Olivia told me that horses like candy corn, so I took a bag to the barn to test that theory. The results were overwhelmingly positive.
Scarlett likes candy corn
I shared my findings on this blog and invited readers to do a little field research of their own.  Almost immediately people started sending me pictures of horses eating candy corn. 
Logan Shortridge's Killy
Most of them - like Stephanie Blaylock's dressage pony, Goosebumps - were instant fans.
Goosebumps couldn't get enough.
More pleaaaasssseeee!
Nicole Severs also offered candy corn to her horses. She writes: I saw your post about horses and candy corn, and had to try it out. Sugarfoot is always interested in the possibilty of treats, so she immediately came over to investigate.
She gobbled them up...
begged for more!
Dunbar, the yearling colt, wasn't as enthusiastic.
He wouldn't take them from my hand, so I put them in his bucket.
He nibbled them until he realized they weren't his usual food and then left them. Not to worry, Sugarfoot did not let them go to waste! 
The next morning Dunbar decided that he does like candy corn after all.
He even started asking my mom for more. 
Alison Martin's Eddie didn't need a day to decide he likes candy corn. He wanted the whole bag!
Sorry, Eddie. This is the proper serving size.
Clearly, most horses like candy corn. However, there are some outliers.
Rayvin Maddock's Turbo is not a fan
My friend Jane Schneider bought a bag for her grand-horse, Twist. She writes: I put some in his feed pan and his first reaction was a hearty YUCK. But the stuff is orange like carrots and if it's in a feed pan, so it must be ok, right? The rest was deemed enjoyable. 
Then I gave him more, sprinkling it on the ground, and it was spurned in no uncertain terms. 
Kernels from my hand were spat onto the ground too. I guess Twist votes 'no', Jennifer.
Oh, Twist, you disappoint me, but I love you anyway! 

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