Saturday, June 6, 2015


I missed this year's Preakness.

It fell on the same day as Models in the Mountains, which wasn't a problem in and of itself. After all, Corina had told me that I could run the show however I saw fit. If I wanted to take a half hour Preakness break, that was fine with her.

So, twenty minutes before post time, we left the show hall and walked to Corina's house. 
We logged on to the internet...
and the connection timed out.
This happened over and over again. It was really sad.

Fortunately, American Pharoah didn't need our help. He proved he was more than capable of winning on his own.
Photo by Heather Moreton
Today, I'm watching race coverage. It's pretty much all I'm doing. I've spent most of my life waiting for the next Triple Crown winner, and just in case it happens today, I don't want to miss a single minute!