Friday, June 26, 2015

It's all good

In a perfect world, I would be in Palm Springs, California attending NAN today.
Photo by Kristi Hale
Instead, I spent the morning riding with James and Cindy. 
Then I came home and found these amazing portraits of Darcy and Emma in my mailbox. Thank you so much, Kim Szudlarek!
I plan to spend the rest of the day working my studio and watching the NAN livestream. I may not be in Palm Springs, but life is good.


  1. What superlative drawings. You did the right thing! Alas I find the link to NAN to be for 2014, not 2015...

  2. It's named NAN 2014, but they were using it today. The show is much smaller than in previous years and classes ended more than an hour ago. Maybe try again tomorrow?

  3. i love that your son is so into trail riding!

  4. Those portraits are absolutely spot on!