Friday, June 5, 2015


Today was the third day of summer vacation. Once again, I hung out with kids and walked a dog, but it was too stormy to ride. Instead, James and I went to the barn to see the foals.
It's been a while since I posted baby pictures.
Everyone is doing fine... 
and getting big! 
While we were there, we checked in with our favorite big horses, too. 
Everyone loves Santana. 
Goldie and her neighbor, Chino, really wanted those carrots...
and Sprite was having a bad hair day! 
It was raining hard by the time we left. All the babies were huddled together in their shed. 
Goodbye, little ones. Stay dry! 
Oh, yeah. I also made a scratching post for the new barn kitty.
Summer vacation continues to delight. Here's hoping tomorrow will be more of the same!


  1. I love foal pictures! & for a second I thought that was a real cat post!

  2. Love the foal pictures and that scratching post is awesome!

  3. Love the scratching post! It looks very... Purdy.

  4. Photo #6, for the win!!! (still trolling, still haven't started the rio rondo halter kit, but cmon my mom just moved in from Colorado, and trust me...when winter really hits here, I will will make that halter...oh and once Thanksgiving is over.. I promise.. in the meantime, your blog is like my fireplace; my cup of cocoa; my joy to read. *and so keeps trolling*