Sunday, December 21, 2014


Nearly ten years ago, I asked my friend, Heather Downing, to make a show-ring style Arabian costume for my customized Eden resin.  She created a lovely green and brown set, that fit around Eden's gigantic mane and forelock and flattered her dull brown coat.  I loved the costume, but unfortunately, I never really warmed up to Eden herself.  Eventually, I sold her and the costume went into a box.
This was a waste of a perfectly good costume, so earlier this year, I pulled it out and tried it on a few horses.  It looked great on Rune, but I couldn't help but think it was missing something...
 Yep, that's what it needed!
I asked Anne Field to create an over the top Hollywood style Arabian doll and she delivered big time.  This girl has so many neat details--earrings,
jeweled boots... the list just goes on and on!
She matches the costume perfectly, both in color and style.
And like all my other Massachusetts dolls, she's a little bit rowdy.
I am so pleased with my old/new Arabian costume.  I can't wait to get this back in the show ring. 
Thank you so much, I may be biased, but I think your eight hundredth doll is your best one yet!


  1. Beautiful job by Anne. It's amazing she was able to match the fabric so well.

  2. That looks awesome! Great job Anne! And...who the heck would know that costume is 10 years old!!!

  3. Everything looks great. I agree with Vicky in that the costume doesn't look 10 years old. The green color looks wonderful with Rune's coloring.

  4. Quality is timeless. This is a beautiful, well made costume. I bet it will look just as good in another ten years.

  5. I really enjoyed getting to play with that costume and see the inner workings of it. I'm glad you like your rowdy doll as well!

  6. it's a perfect match! and 800 dolls... quite the accomplishment

  7. She turned out beautiful and matches the costume perfectly!

  8. Beautiful! It matches so well and the doll is so detailed. :)

    1. I know this is wayyyy off topic but I was wondering how you did a couple of things!
      1. How create those amazingly teeny tiny stich marks?! Do you use a pounce wheel? If so, what size?
      2. I know you use a mechanical pencil to punch the majority of the holes in your tack but I was wondering if you've ever used a hand sewing punch? Which would you recommend?
      I am obsessed with your work and love to read your blog. You are an amazing tack maker! Any tips or trick would be great!! :D

    2. Yes, I do use a pounce wheel for the stitch marks. It's the smallest one from the set sold by MicroMark. I've seen smaller, but mine has served me well for more than a decade.

      I've never used a hand sewing punch for model tack so I really don't have an opinion on that. My pencil punches are as old as my pounce wheel, and they have served me just as well!