Thursday, June 3, 2010

One boot Thursday

Today's post is for everyone who thinks I am a fast worker...

It's true that I can--sometimes--make an entire saddle in one twenty four hour period. That's an impressive feat, but don't be fooled. There are just as many days when, despite my best efforts, I struggle to produce anything of significance. Today, unfortunately, was not a whole saddle kind of day. I tried. I spent more than five hours in the studio, but somehow this is all I have to show for my efforts.
Yes, it's true. I have spent an entire day making just one boot.
Oh, I am beyond frustrated! Granted, I tried out a couple new ideas with this boot. Some worked, some didn't. That's pretty normal. I don't expect everything to go smoothly with a new pattern. Still, five plus hours to make one boot?

That's just not right.


  1. It is a really pretty boot with roller buckles!

  2. It's a pretty awesome boot! I couldn't do one like that in twice as long :-)

  3. Sometimes the model tack making Gods are not happy! They want skived leather and tiny buckles sacrificed to them! That's the only thing I can figure - LOL
    Sometimes things go *perfect* sometimes things don't go. One thing I learned is do NOT force it. I've messed up countless stuff because I needed to have it done. Luckily the "vibe" come back fairly quick, but I have taken voluntary hiatuses from tack making. :-) Lorrie Franz

  4. The boot looks wonderful and it was worth the time!

  5. It *is* a pretty boot. I'm pleased with most of the design changes, but honestly, I won't be making many like this unless I can halve the time needed to produce them. That should be possible. I still can't figure out exactly what took so long yesterday!

  6. Beautiful boot! I spent the day trying to build a hackamore bridle for the PS standing draft....sigh.
    I don't like it, so will have to figure something else out, so sure know what you went through today!

  7. So... I haven't read this post in three years. Totally forgot about it, in fact. Your comment hit my inbox, and I came over here to look at the one boot. And suddenly, that whole frustrating day is clear in my mind once again. It's a pretty boot (and eventually it did get a pretty mate), but oh, that was not a fun tackmaking experience!!!