Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Today's pictures depict some of the many wonderful performance entries at last weekend's Cajun Country Live Show in Vinton, Louisiana.  Thanks again to Kellye Bussey for allowing me to share them here!

Kellye's saddleseat entry
Eberl resin painted by Sheryl Liesure, tack by Jennifer Buxton, doll by Sheri Wirtz

Kellye's Sport Horse in Hand entry
Custom Stage Mom and Child Star by Angela Giddings

Spanish leadline entry owned by Kellye Bussey
Eberl resin painted by Tom Bainbridge, tack by Kathy Wiggins, dolls by Joan Yount

Kellye's Working Equitation entry
tack by Vicky Norris, doll by Amy Showalter

Kellye's OF Parade Entry
tack by Susan Bensema Young


  1. OOOOOH - Me wants that grey pinto Hunter! *jumps up and down*

    I also, for some reason, am completely gaga over the ASB (I think) Pinto parade horse. And I love the sidesaddle Spanish leadline entry, and that nifty multi-figure App show set up. Very well done! It's all fun to see, so thank you, Kellye!

  2. (P.S. Now why would I want the grey pinto hunter... gosh, I dunno... maybe look at my avatar? :-) Yes, I need to write about that boy!)

  3. It was a really fun show and I'm glad I had enough time to take so many pictures.
    The big pinto ASB parade horse was outstanding. The lady who owned him had a table full of gorgeous resins and beautiful riders and tack to match. I can't remember her name tho....Barbara something. I told her I would turn her on to this blog to help with tweaking and documenting her performance entries.
    The gray pinto hunter is a very customized Breyer Ruffian by Sommer Prosser. She was shown by her previous owner but this was my first show with her. She's very versatile.

  4. It was a great show and Kellye's stuff is amazing in person I just thrilled that one of my horses is on your blog (Drafter :)) took me by surprise this morning