Sunday, February 11, 2018

Curtis' painting party

I would have loved to have attended all of yesterday's NaMoPaiMo painting parties, but none more so than the one hosted by Curtis Sayers and his partner, Dan, in Essex, England. This sounds like it was such a fun day, even without cake.

Our NaMoPaiMo Painting Party

by Curtis Sayers

Attendees: Curtis Sayers, Daniel Wrench, Theresa Johnson, Holly Jane Mason

After trying several times to drum up interest in a painting party, Theresa and I agreed we’d split the costs for an order of pigments and have a painting for two. Then pro painter Holly decided to join us, and my partner Dan had also entered, using the unpainted Stablemate I'd given him for Christmas.

Here we are, so full of hope, at the beginning of the day. 
Holly is holding her official NaMoPaiMo model in the selfie, but as she is an airbrush artist, he only made the trip so that she could apply acrylics to his mane. For the remainder of the day, Holly used a Breyer stablemate to partake in the adventure that is pigments..
Initial reactions were ‘I can’t see it, it’s not doing anything?!’ uttered whilst applying Light Yellow Ochre. As we realized later, the second layer is the charm.
The quietest of the bunch, predictably, was Dan. While the rest of us chatted pony nonsense, he scrubbed away at his stablemate, making steady progress ahead of all of us throughout the day. His bright bay Arabian is well on his way!
Across the table from me, becoming increasingly pleased and terrified with every passing layer, was Theresa.
Her model is looking distinctly yellow here, but the goal is a rich, bright chestnut.
I was the one behind the camera, so there's no picture of me, just my pony. At this point, a distinct graininess is forming, but that’ll go away any minute now, right? Na├»ve optimism, perhaps...
Dan’s horse is definitely more colourful than when we last looked! Despite her protests at being called a ‘pro painter,' Holly was able to offer us all kinds of helpful advice and keep us moving forward. Holly, I’m SO glad you made it today!
Speaking of Holly - here’s her pony. Since he’s just a fun experiment, there’s no real method to this madness, but the general destination for him was a nice, sensible bay.

I’d like to point out that this model is one of Breyer’s unpainted Stablemates, and Holly hasn’t prepped or primed him whatsoever. She simply de-bagged him and started slapping on the powder. How is he looking SO good?!
For me, painting is now stupid, pigments are stupid, and nobody should do it. My filly has hit the ugly phase HARD, and it seems nothing will redeem her. I’m not entirely sure which layer this was, but I know that shortly after this, I decide that her only hope is for me to apply straight black pigment. After all, this bay nonsense was only to give my baby black foal some warm undertones.
There is an extractor fan in my bathroom, making it the safest place for spraying. Here is Theresa is sealing a recent coat of pigments.
Back to Dan’s bay - the highlights are really beginning to pop, and while some grain is building up along the topline , the overall paintjob is going well, especially for a first timer, who is not very horsey person and had to be told that the reference picture he had picked was, in fact, a bay!
By this point in the party, it's obvious my guests have inhaled two many fumes!
In his angst, due to being ignored for so long, Theresa’s pony stuck his tongue out at me from across the table. A little rude, but I took this as my hint he’d like his photo taken.
At some point along the journey, we decided that Holly’s pony was far better suited to be a yellow dun, which she had begun to pursue. He may not be finished yet, but I think some solid progress was made today! Here is where we all left off, at least while Theresa and Holly said their goodbyes. From left to right we have: Dan’s bay Arabian, my black Arabian, Theresa’s chestnut Walker, and Holly’s dun Quarter Horse.
Obviously now is a good time for a follow up selfie.
That was the end of the party, but since the table was smothered in pigments, myself and Dan persevered with our models. Both are now finished, although mine may be stripped and restarted. Dan’s, however, is eerily good, and I am bitter. I will take ‘show photos’ for the I Did It! album on Monday, but for now, here are our finished pieces.
Thank you, Jennifer, for hosting such a wonderful event. The ladies and I have agreed this needs to become a regular occurrence, and I look forward to many more painting days in my future!

And thank you, Curtis, for hosting your own wonderful event. The horses look great, including yours (please don't strip her!) and you are all NaMoPaiMo winners!

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