Monday, February 26, 2018

They did it

I'm not the only person who did it. As of a couple hours ago, the NaMoPaiMo painters had completed some two hundred and twenty horses.
If my time and energy were limitless, I would showcase each and every one of those beauties here on my blog. That's not the case, however, so I've chosen twelve model at random to post along with their creation stories as told by their painters.
Tina Melin: I really can't believe I am saying this, but: I DID IT! I am so happy to call my boy done! He is the first horse I've painted that is bigger than little bit scale and I used a new brand of pastels on him. I did have a few bumps in the road, mostly with grain and him not wanting to get out of the ugly stage but I am really happy with how he turned out.
Nicole Bullock: I DID IT! ­čśü Introducing Calgary, Cal for short. I like to use a theme when I name my horses. This guy fell into the city theme to play homage to his sculptor.

I have always been super critical of myself and my work and there were no exceptions here. About mid way through there was doubt, dislike and thoughts of stripping him but I am so happy where this guy ended up! There are issues, going back to the prepping stage and there is some graininess and he’s way darker than intended. BUT he’s looking real good from where I’m sitting! ­čśŐ

Thank you to Jennifer and everyone who has made this another great NaMoPaiMo!!
Christoffer B├Ąckfalk‎: I did it!!! This is the second horse I have ever painted, and the first with an airbrush. I am quite happy with her :)
Magdalena Wr├│blewska: I did it!

Let me introduce Gen├ž/Gen├žie/Gienio. He is my all time top favourite AR model. I always wanted to paint him bay... This month I was encouraged enough to do so! His collars are made by my friend Urszula Rudzi┼äska :>

Hope you like my teke!
Lisa Smalley: I did It! The Horse Who Does Not Want To Be Painted has been PAINTED!!!!!! :D 

This horse has been a huge challenge with many problems along the way, but he has successfully been completed! This is the first artist resin horse I have painted and I made mistakes and learned a lot. We had issues such as: falling over during primer and putting hand prints in the primer to stand him back up, primer texture issues twice, installing magnets in his feet and having to grind out stainless steel wires in the process, throwing himself onto his side and damaging his white base coats, bubble baths to strip acrylic paint, and so much more....  

Thank you to Jennifer Bray Buxton (and NaMoPaiMo assistants!) for having NaMoPaiMo. This horse would probably have stayed unpainted for quite a while/years otherwise, but this event gives me the motivation to actually work towards getting something painted!! I greatly enjoy this event, as it gets a huge number of people of all skill levels together and working towards a positive goal, sharing information and encouragement with each other. I can't wait until next year!!
Jaime Bridge: I did it! Meet Northerly, also known as the Fighting Tiger. He's not perfect - not by a long shot. But I'm so happy. It was my first using pastels. First time painting something this small. First time painting a resin. Couldn't get much better than that.
Sarah Brabbin: I did it!!!!!

My very first spotty! I really enjyed NaMoPaiMo again this year and feel I've come on so far since last year. Painting is great therapy, and I love the support everyone gives each other in this group. One lesson learned - make note of how I do one side so I know what to do on the other HAHA!!!!
Donna McKnight: I DID IT!!! OMG, I DID IT!! I couldn't get my camera to pick up all the subtle color variations on her but I am SO excited that I finished her! The last few months have been extremely rough, dealing with some health issues, and I had lost my motivation. I chose a color that I have always had trouble with in an effort to challenge myself to improve and I feel that it worked. I discovered some new techniques that really work for me and inspired me to do the best that I could do. I not only finished her, I am SO very pleased with how she came out. Thank you, Jennifer Buxton, for creating this event to inspire and challenge us! It definitely did both for me!
Lisa Shepard: I DID IT! Yay! This was so much fun! It took me back to my roots, back to the customizing and mohair that I used to love to do. When I saw a calendar picture at work, fell in love, and had to do the horse in it. Aastrid is the epitome of why I love this hobby. Thank you!
Patty Clark: OH MY GOSH I DID IT!! I'm so excited!! My beautiful boy is finally complete! This was my 1st horse I cut the neck off and put on a new one, sculpted neck, shoulders, jowls, then I gave him a new mane and tail. I am additionally overjoyed with keeping him so LIGHT, as my biggest problem is always going too dark. This is a portrait ofmy personal horse, 17 yr old cremello Morgan named SFG INFINITY AND BEYOND, aka, Buzz. It's the first time I've painted my OWN horse, and I am KEEPING the model. Thank you so much for this challenge!!!
Christina Riley: I cannot believe I'm saying this but....I DID IT!!!!! 


I actually finished a HUGE Traditional in a month!! WHhAAT!!?!! I feel incredibly accomplished! Of course if I had more time I feel like I could have done a better job….but…I still think he looks perdy darn fancy regardless! 

Side note….my hubby said he wants his name to be “Borse” as in “Big Horse”…so I’ll say his NaMoPaiMo name is "Borse" to make him happy lol! Otherwise, I'm calling him "Bada-Boom"
May Burnett: I did it!! And I didn’t go blind! This is Beginner’s Luck, a splash Morgan mare. This was my first time at painting and first time at customizing. She started life as an “Izzy” Morgan Mini Whinny. I resculpted her mane, tail and teeny tiny ears. I moved her right front leg and left back leg. It was a huge learning experience for me! Thank you to Christina Capozzi Riley whose videos I watched and whose tool suggestions were really great! Thank you to the person who suggested War Hammer stands. And a big thank you to Jennifer Bray Buxton for the opportunity to participate in this amazing event with these amazing and supportive people! Hmm, I wonder if I can make a teeny tiny tack?
Congratulations, Tina, Nicole, Christoffer, Magdalena, Lisa, Jaime, Sarah, Donna, Lisa, Patty, Christina and May. You are all winners!


  1. I loved reading everyone's stories in this post! They are all wonderful. And I had to do a double take with Lisa Shepard's horse - it looks real!

  2. Sooo much fun with this event! Thanks for posting all of this ❤

  3. Awesome ponies and stories! Such a cool thing to glimpse the creative journey. Lots of learning and sharing - thanks again for fostering this community!