Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Van Gogh gallery

Last December, I asked seven of the hobby's best artists to paint Van Gogh medallions as a benefit for NaMoPaiMo. All seven agreed, and these are the gorgeous results.
Painted by Amanda Brock 
Painted by Jennifer Kroll
Painted by Jennifer Scott
Painted by Mindy Berg
Painted by Nikki Button
Painted by Stephanie Blaylock
Painted by Tiffany Purdy
Nikki's medallion sold immediately, mostly because Nikki did all the work. I've been meaning to list the others for more than a month... but somehow it hasn't happened. Apparently, one of NaMoPaiMo's most important lessons that I can't do everything myself.

Fortunately, I don't have to!
My friend, Anne Field, has generously offered to step in and help. She will be taking offers on Mindy's Van Gogh now through Thursday. Please consider making a bid on this beautiful piece by one of the hobby's best artists! All proceeds will benefit to NaMoPaiMo. Thank you, Anne and thank you, Mindy!


  1. Wow! I adore this medallion, and all these painted copies are simply amazing!

  2. Mine isn't all the way in this picture in case people were wondering why he doesn't seem to have eyeballs yet or a finished surface

    1. I swapped out the picture, so your comment no longer makes sense. Sorry, I goofed it up the first time. This month has been crazy.

    2. Thanks hon your picture is so much better than mine!