Monday, February 19, 2018

Young entry

Today is Presidents' Day, which means most American schoolchildren are enjoying a three day weekend.
And what could possibly be more enjoyable than painting a model? 
This is Erin Corbett's daughter Olive working away at her NaMoPaiMo PAM. Erin writes: Thank you for making NaMoPaiMo accessible for people of all ages and skill levels. It would be easy for this to turn into a ‘serious painters only’ sort of thing, but letting people participate just for fun and be just as valued is amazing. An unexpected result is that my kid is now asking if she can paint everything on my shelf that is white or grey, haha. I think I need more bodies to primed white.
Good job, Olive! I'll make sure you get some more ponies to paint.
Kate Springer's niece Jae also painted a model. 
Another masterpiece! Good job, Jae!
Krista Wasco's eleven year old son, Jack, is painting today... 
as are Leslie Osborn's children. 
Emmett says, "My horse is going to be a Sonic horse. I like painting horses."
Kira adds, "I think my Pikachu horse looks amazing. If you see my horse front ways, the eyes really pop out." Kira
Thank you so much to Erin, Kate, Krista and Leslie for letting these young painters be a part of NaMoPaiMo. They are an important part of our community!


  1. Couldn't say it better! This warms my heart.

  2. I love this! Encouraging the next generation of hobbyists with a fun activity where they can find success painting through NaMoPaiMo is a wonderful thing.