Tuesday, February 27, 2018

They did it, part two

As a group, the NaMoPaiMo painters have now finished more than two hundred and fifty horses.
I had so much fun compiling yesterday's "They did it" post, I decided to do it again. Here's twelve more members of the class of 2018, as described by their creators.

Ola Noga: I DID IT !!!

Meet Alvorado Valiente, a custom Breyer Valegro.

My biggest problem is the lack of motivation to finish the started projects. NaMoPaiMo was a great motivation to finally finish the horse I have been working on for a year.
Alvorado is my first resculpted horse, and he is my first bay. I am really proud that I managed to finish him on time!
Julie Matz: I did it!!! 

This is my model, a spunky little paint filly.

I had a blast painting this model. Since I have Multiple Sclerosis, I use painting as a form of therapy for my hands shaking. I highly enjoyed this project. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Olivia Tierce: Well..I guess I did it!  

I actually can't believe I managed to paint this girl. She looks so awesome compared to any other model I have ever painted. Participating in NaMoPaiMo made me feel a lot more confident in my abilities and helped me learn a lot of things along the way. I am beyond glad that I participated. Anyway, meet "Remme."
Nan Wagner: I did it, hooray!

My goal was to improve my sculpting methods and customization techniques. Turning the ears was a challenge as there was a lot of rebuilding to do to his poll to get a natural ear set. I used new techniques and new tools for the mane, feathers and tail. I'm VERY pleased with what I learned from others on this group, and I will never go back to the old way of doing things. THANK YOU NaMoPaiMo! You're never too old to learn and improve!
Kirsten Eidsmoe: I did it! This has been a fantastic experience, and I can't thank all of you enough. I am not a joiner by nature, and I really surprised myself by signing up at all. I had some painting goals, but mostly, my challenge to myself was to not be a total lurker. This group is full of so many kind, generous, and encouraging artists, you really made that part easy. I not only finished my project pony, I'm on track to complete a second, using new techniques and tools thanks this group. And I'm not only growing as an artist, I'm realizing how much value there is in being part of a thing like this - for the camaraderie of like-minded people accomplishing something together, for the support and education that's being shared so freely, and also simply for the exposure to so many different styles and artistic voices. You all keep me in awe and inspired. 

A little about my model: this is the Faust resin by Noémi D. Soós. I was drawn to this little guy because he reminds me of the primitive side of the fjord breed - a little less polished than a lot of the athletic 'sport' type fjords that are becoming increasinly popular (not knocking them - mine is one!). Fun fjord fact: even though 80-90% of fjords are now brown dun, there was a time when the most common color was white dun. So in honor of the old days, I painted my old-style fjord in white dun. Conveniently, as I was casting about for name ideas this past week, my Norwegian history-obsessed dad sent me an article about King Sverre Sigurdsson, who ruled Norway toward the end of the Viking age. So, meet Sverre, my new white dun fjord stallion.
Suzanne Combs: I did it!

This is model, Redd Honey Mead. She is a red dun, a first for me, done in acrylics and pastels. She fought me for a bit, turning decidedly orange within the first several coats. But I persevered and am very happy with the results. 

I am so happy to have entered NaMoPaiMo. Normally when something goes off, I will set it aside and debate about it for awhile (sometimes months). Take Navarre, her little stablemate companion in the picture. I've been working on him off and on for nearly a year. NaMiPaiMo pushed me to set my anxiety aside when things went wrong and work through it. I had to get her done. I also accomplished my goals. She is the best shaded horse I have ever painted. I have struggled with this in the past as I work mostly in acrylics. 

I bought this resin at BreyerFest last year with the sole purpose of using her in some performance classes. I don't own many resins, due to the cost, and cherish the ones I have. 
This weekend at the CCR show in Randolph, WI I will for the first time be showing extensively in Performance with her. I am excited and terrified. 
Jyl Hunt: I did it! My very first custom and my first time ever using an airbrush.
Marina Amanova: I did it!! 

Painting models in general is out of my comfort zone, but my two friends who participated last year convinced me to try it! He is a galloping gypsy vanner gelding (Maggie Bennett's micro mini artist resin) with nose pinking and glossy eyes! I am very happy with how he turned out. This is the first time I have painted a pinto pattern and the first time doing pinking and a blaze. Thanks for hosting NaMoPaiMo. It was fun! 
Krista Wasco: My 4 year old's entry. His name is Reid. He has special needs and doesn't say many words but HORSIE is definitely one of them.
LeeAnn Bachman: I DID IT!!! YAY!! 

My first ever airbrush roan! I'm thrilled with the way he came out, I keep looking at him in disbelief. I can't believe *I* was the one who painted him!! I've envisioned this mold in this color since he came out, but I was too afraid to even attempt it - thanks to NaMoPaiMo my dream has come to life! So happy to have this guy done and had so much fun participating in this event for the second time. Looking forward to next year!
Abby Wunderlich: I did it! And I’ve learned a few things:

1. Tails are harder to resculpt when they keep snapping off. Use stronger wire. 
2. Prepping takes 5x longer than I think it will 
3. Tippy models are annoying. Hot glueing a hoof to a Lazy Susan works surprisingly well. 
4. Swearing at the oil paint doesn’t make it dry any faster. If that worked he’d have been done three weeks ago. 

But, I did it! Not in time for the show last weekend, because the darn thing was still sticky, but he is done!
Kate Springer: Well, I did it. 

There are a lot of emotions going into that sentence and into that horse. To say that the last month has been difficult is an understatement. Life and the horse fought me every step of the way. I did learn a lot, more than I would have expected. He is my second completed bay and only my 3rd horse with oils. I airbrushed the body using acrylic, and had to learn how to repair paintwork after a section was accidentally wiped off. I also learned that oils are much more temperamental than they were before. I think the biggest thing I learned is that I can keep going and have something turn out for the positive when the rest of the world is screaming to give up and fall apart. Thank you Jennifer Buxton for creating this event and letting us all be a part of the adventure.
Congratulations, Ola, Julie, Olivia, Nan, Kirsten, Suzanne, Jyl, Marina, Krista and Reid, LeeAnn, Abby and Kate. You are all winners!


  1. I hope you do more of these!It's really interesting to know the backstories of these models! :D

  2. I don't believe it!! I DID IT!!!! Six minutes to midnight! Still have to gloss eyes/hooves/nostrils, but I'm calling this a pretty good job for the fights we've had! Kim finished her peggy yesterday! Angel finished her Gypsy today! Carole, of course, finished weeks ago. We all did it!! =D

    1. Congratulations! Please send me a picture of your finished horse ASAP. I am working on the official 2018 collage, and I don't want you to miss out!

    2. Woo, coming!!! Give me a few, I need to clear space, shoot, upload, etc. Coming ASAP!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these! I love reading the stories behind everyone's amazing models!