Saturday, June 17, 2017

So small

Ryan and I went to the hobby store to buy Seth a Father's Day present. While we were there, we found the world's smallest model horses.
So small!
My dolls are model horse collectors so, of course, I had to buy them a pack of ponies.
So small!
For scale purposes, here they are with some micro-minis and a traditional scale pony.
So small!
I don't collect minis, but I am happy to indulge my dolls.
They're just so small!


  1. I've got a few sets of those, they're great fun to paint! I bought a set of tacked up Shetlands(!!!) and their riders, which I'm hoping to repaint and do some kind of scene with at some point, I just couldn't resist!

  2. It's probably bad that I see this and immediately want some to make them tack! :)

    1. Whatever it takes to get you back to tack is a good thing in my book!

  3. I customized one that small (HO gauge model railroad prop by Prieser). The detail in the little guy is incredible. I CM'd him as a grey Akhal-Teke, and to achieve the metallic sheen of the hair coat, finished him with a coat of pearlized nail polish. Only a pin was fine enough to gloss the eyes. He NAN'd at a local show, so I took him to NAN when it was in Kentucky. I put him on the judging table with the other models, but he was so light that the breeze from people passing by blew him right off the table and I just managed to snatch him from under someone's foot! What to do? The solution - I stickied him to his tag (bigger than he was), and stickied the tag to the table. It all ended well - he went Top Ten in Other Sport, perhaps the smallest model ever to compete at NAN!