Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Too many pictures

In her most recent post, blogger Kristian Beverly discusses the problem of too many pictures.

I also have that problem.

I've taken thousands of horse photos in the past six months, only a tiny fraction of which have been shared here. A lot those pictures aren't particularly memorable, of course, but others deserve to be seen.

So, in the interest of problem solving, I've decided to post at least some of them today. The first group is a set of pictures taken at a hunter show at the Colorado Horse Park in September. 
At first glance, there's nothing particularly noteworthy about this horse or rider...
 at least not until they turned around.
Wow. That makes riding a lot more difficult.
Or maybe not. 
These two cruised around their course like it was nothing.
Not a problem! 
I don't know how they placed, because we didn't stay until the end, but I really enjoyed watching this team compete.
Nice horse, nice rider, nice round.


  1. that's incredible - i'm also pretty sure her eq is like, 10x better than mine too lol

  2. I love these pictures!
    (I still haven’t made a dent in editing pictures haha)