Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The best cowpony

It wasn't all hunters, jumpers and equitation horses this summer. I also photographed a few events and a couple dressage shows, including the USDF Regional Championships which were held in September at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado.
My friend, Andrea, and her Quarter Horse, Haidaseeker Playboy AKA Matt the Cowpony, rode in the Intermediare I Championship class.  
Matt looks and moves like the Quarter Horse he is.  
He doesn't have the big Warmblood gaits expected at this level...
but he and Andrea put in a solid, accurate test with lots of nice moments.
I thought they looked great.   
What a good cowpony!
After their ride, Andrea and Matt posed for photos...
and showed off a little bit.
Eventually, the scores were announced. Andrea and Matt placed third.
They won a big ribbon and celebrated with some fancy prancing.
Congratulations to Andrea and Matt the World's Best Cowpony!

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  1. I've talked with friends recently about what seems like a preoccupation with "fancy" at the expense of other qualities in the horse - like good sense and willingness to accept the pressure of training. Examples like this of a rider showing off her "atypical" dressage horse to excellent results just by correct and effective riding and training make me so happy to see!