Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Grande Liberte tack

I'm really surprised that no one commented on the muzzles worn by some of Sylvia Zerbini's Grande Liberte horses. Certainly that was not the case when I posted these photos on Facebook!
Since I'm sure someone wants a better look, here's a close-up.
And another. 
Although I find them unattractive, I'm not bothered by their use. From what we saw, the horses that were wearing them earned that privilege. 
Because I like tack, I also took detail pictures of the halters.
The style of these was fairly standard, although the fit was not.
During one of the sessions, Sylvia rode one of the horses bareback in a halter...
with a leadrope knotted around the offside.
In the other session, he was saddled and wore a Little S hackamore with an Iberian fringe browband.
 That lip!
I really enjoyed watching Sylvia Zerbini work with her Grande Liberte horses. Next time they come to Colorado, I hope to see an actual performance!


  1. I didn’t comment on the original post but I noticed them. I’ve never seen ones like that before but I like them better. They’re way less noticeable than the ones I’ve seen before. The halter fit really bothers me though. I get having a bunch in a standard size to fit universally on all the horses but it’s not had to find matching ones in all sizes. Custom halters are pretty cheap for horse tack. And plus those are nylon

  2. I did notice them on the white -- alas not the black, which tells of their innate camouflage. And I was intrigued by those nosebands: add-ons or originals?! Thanks for closeups solving the mystery.

  3. I noticed them. Figured they were naughty

  4. is it truly liberty with muzzles on horses? Isn't the idea that horses are well trained, trusting, and exercising free to follow the trainer/rider out of respect? I think the tack just shows a lack of control (or the horse's lack of respect and the trainer's failure to correct it if they are trying to bite), and diminishes the entire display. I'm not against muzzles in general as a tool for certain situations, but during a liberty performance? Hmm.

    1. From what I saw, the bitey horses were mostly biting each other. That one little rearing incident aside, Sylvia had good control over the herd.

  5. Interesting comments, these photos were taking during a outing with my boys not a performance Alexandra Gritta. So I rather put mussels on my younger stallions than gelding them . The halters were my transport ones and the larger ones are normally attached to a coller for the horses that get out of them. Thank you 😉