Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Erin Corbett has been spent the last several years trying to persuade me to go to Breyerfest.
Every spring she sends me messages saying things like: Soooooo BF - is there even a whisper of a chance that we can pick you up on the way? Dropping into the Denver area only adds two hours to our trip. It's no problem at all. 
Erin, Jason and Melanie picked up the rented twelve passenger van they are calling Moby Dick yesterday evening and headed east into the night.
They have spent the day posting updates from the road.
I can't wait to be a part of this. 
Drive faster, my friends. I am ready for my first Breyerfest experience to begin!


  1. Good luck with them Jen XD That'll be a *fun* drive for you, I'm sure ��

  2. Vancouver, WA is my old hometown! (hence my never going to Breyerfest...sooo farrrr) I'm super duper jealous now! I love crazy friend road trips! Have THE MOST FUN EVER :D

    1. THE MOST FUN EVER is pretty much my goal for this trip!


  3. I do want to go one year. It never seems to work out timing or money wise. Kitchen remodel comes first this year. Though the hot humid July weather in Kentucky gives me pause too.