Friday, January 8, 2010

NAN Auction, take two

We've had a rethink on our NAN Auction donation. It appears there's already a Western sidesaddle set in the line-up, and the auction coordinator was concerned that two separate sidesaddle sets would be redundant. Jane and I agreed. We needed to think of something else.

And then it came to me: How about a police horse in riot gear?
These pictures were posted in a thread on Model Horse Blab a couple months back. I immediately copied them and saved them to my tack reference file.
I wasn't thinking about the NAN Auction at the time, but now it seems like a perfect fit. I can play to my strengths by building the set around an English saddle, but it's not going to be just another English set.
And look--I'll even be able to include a set of sports medicine boots--woo hoo!
So, now the research phase begins in earnest. We're looking for reference pictures.
Although we're primarily interested in mounted police with from the United States, we're not all that picky. At this stage anything and everything is helpful.
If you have any pictures to share, please send them my way!


  1. there was a pdf in a post on FL a couple days back looking for eithe more pics or someone to make the set, now I can't remember. I'll have to go back and look when I have time. I also know I have pics in my archives I'll have to dig up, since a police set commission has been on my want list for a while (just never have the money/tackmaker to do it). Cool idea.

  2. I have some NYPD pics that show them using an Aussie saddle. Here's a video on them.
    This place shows a lot of the equipment for the police as well as the horse. Check out the stirrups, they have some with reflectors on the bottom. I think that would be a nice extra touch.

  3. What a neat idea - I have thought about trying something like this as a live show setup but never got around to making all the specialty stuff. If you could partner with a dollmaker to make a police rider it would be *extra* cool!

  4. Yes, our PD uses aussie-type saddles as well. And they have blankets to go over the rump of the horse (that's not necessarily riot gear, just when they are in the park).
    Looks like I'm going to need to save a bunch of money....

  5. Linda--There will be a doll. I am partnering with doll dresser extraordinaire for this project so it will trully be a "just add horse" kind of set.

    It's been pointed out to me that riot gear is not exactly the same as regular police tack. I knew that! I want to make this set so that it can go either way, depending on accessories, etc. I'm not sure what Jane has in mind yet. We still need to get together to work out all the details. The good thing (for me, at least) is that there really isn't a right or wrong and there's LOTS of variation out there. I will get to pick and choose how I want this set to be--fun!

  6. No way! That is just coincidence that im in the middle of making a set of police horse tack....sooo cool! Bet you your donation will turn out brilliantly!

  7. If you let me know precisely what you need, I may be able to track down some of the local mounted police and take some photos :0)

  8. Jennifer, contact Tifns, aka Tiffiny, on Blab. I'll be making her a set like this in June, so she is collecting photos. I won't be making it an English set


  9. oooo! *Saves pennies to bid on the NAN auction* This is an awesome idea!! I love it!!

  10. Jennifer, most mounted police officers are super willing to talk about what they do, if there is a unit in your area you might try contacting them, maybe they would even be willing to give you a tour.