Ordering Information

I am not currently taking commissions. However, I might be persuaded with the right bribe.

Resins (traditional size only--painted, unpainted, damaged all ok)
Venator by Williams (may be interested in others by Carol, too!)
Fabrizio by Tumlinson
Nighthawk, Nitro, Windwalker, donkey others by Cantrell
Most by either Bogucki especially Johara, Persia & Bidjar and Rerun
Mules by Carol Herndon
Haute Aire by Carlee Balling
Most by Sarah Rose especially Indy
Let Fly, Primitive Nature by Searcher
Most by Eberl especially warmbloods, Spanish horses and ponies, but others definitely considered! 
Kipling and Little Man Mango by Kilbourn
Stormwatch, Elsie and Oliver by Sarah Minkiewicz-Bruenig
Many Others—Please tempt me! (I especially like traditional ponies, sport horses & foals and will consider anything painted by Carol Williams)

Quality Customs traditional only, particularly those with some resculpting not just paint. 

Paintwork, I usually have a fairly wide selection of models needing paint.  In general I prefer handpainted models and am most likely to be interested in paintwork by someone who uses oils. 

NAN Quality Props and Dolls
Especially those by Anne Field Darla Curtis, Sheri Wirtz and Joan Yount (dolls) and Alaina Richardson, Doreen McGuire, Kim Haymond and Carmen Robertson (props)
Vehicles by Bill Duncan
Traditional scale cows

Original Finish Models I do not collect many original finish models so I am least likely to trade for these.  That said, I could be tempted a Peter Stone floating trot EFC pony, a crabby pony or Paloose or a half passing warmblood.  On the Breyer side, I like the Eberl molds and might be willing to trade for most of them.