My Horse Life

This page is a work in progress!

Posts about Eaton Canyon Riding Club, 1979 through 1987
ECRC school horses
Love N Stuff
Native Cher aka Filly
Cinnamon at ECRC
Jimmy Williams

Siason Stables, 1983-1984
The barn with no adults
Snickers at Siason
Ponies and bows

Backyard stables in Altadena, 1984-1988
Trail Riding with my sister, 1987
Chipper and me, 1988

College Days, 1987-1991
Trisha and our college adventures
Equefest and Winter Break 1989
Amber and our college adventures
My roommate's horse
Judging Team 

Mt View Arabians, 1988-current
Wellington weekends circa 1989
A couple pictures from 1990?
Trisha's birthday party
Trisha and Surprise compete at Prix St. Georges
Cara and Arwen compete in the Mt View Arabians Schooling Show
Wellington visit, July 2010
Wellington weekend circa 2010
Horse yoga, part one
Horse yoga, part two
Wellington visit, September 2014
More pictures from September 2014 visit
Wellington visit, December 2015
Mt View barn cats

Don K Ranch, 1989
Don K photos
How to saddle a horse
Round Up
Naming the herd
Feeding the herd
My snake story
Brunch ride
The wreck that didn't happen

Lake Mancos Ranch, 1990
Mancos Days Parade
My short lived career as a rodeo clown
Half day and all day rides at Lake Mancos Ranch

Life on the A Show Circuit, 1991-1996
My life on the circuit
Pony Finals, 1991
HITS Ocala Winter Circuit 1992
A visit with Trish in Palm Bay, Florida 1993
Meeting Graf George
HITS Ocala Winter Circuit 1993
My friend Cathy and I in Ocala
The Show From Hell and a dog I didn't keep
HITS Ocala Winter Circuit 1994
Grand Prix photos from the Ocala Winter Circuit
Little C
Touring Ocala's horse country
Meeting Rugged Lark
Tour of the Kentucky Horse Park, around the park
Tour of the Kentucky Horse Park, International Museum of the Horse
Tour of the Kentucky Horse Park, Hall of Champions
Tour of the Kentucky Horse Park, Parade of Breeds
Show photos and more from the Kentucky Horse Park
My Blue Hill vacation, part one
HITS Ocala Winter Circuit 1995

Ambleside, 2006-2010
Ryan and Punky
Goodbye Miss Allison
Sunday at Ambleside
Ryan in the gelding pasture
Ryan and James in the saddle
Shedding season
Barn kitties

Trillium, 2011-2012
Introducing Trillium
Trillium's new digs
Pony moving day
Trading spaces
Pony spam
Embracing dressage, sort of
Trillim's roommate, Samson
Ryan and James ride Trillium
Riding in the mud
Seth meets Trilli
Shedding season
A tale of two ponies
Aline's new horse
More Pictures of Sport
Pistol's baby
Saturday at the Horse Park
Summer at Big Iron Ranch
Ponies and piggies
Trail riding on Trillium
Jumping Giada
Fun with Trillium
Goodbye, Trillium

Rev, 2013-current
New horse for a new year
Taking the plunge
Rev under saddle
Miscellaneous photos of Rev and prairie dogs
Rev under saddle, April 2013
Sharing Rev
Lunch ride
Random pictures from Kenlyn
Erica Groat
Missing Erica
Six month report card
Erica's celebration of life
Ryan and James on Rev
Rev meets the in-laws
The Ranger Guard
Trail ride to Morrison Nature Center
More trail ride pictures
Our first solo trial ride
Emma and Rev
Horse care during the flood!
Surveying the flood damage
Trail ride to Eagle's Nest
Weekends with Rev and family
Two stable visits in one day!
Autumn trail ride to Eagle's Nest
Hanging out with my pony
My first serious horse accident
The next day
Here's what happened (accident report)
First post-accident trip to Kenlyn

Horsey mom/non-horsey family
Pony ride trauma, 2008
Making my kids go to a horse show in 2009
Making my kids go to a horse show in 2010
Halloween with Horses, 2010
Brighton Feed & Saddlery Cowboy Tea Party, 2010

Rides on Rental Horses, 1979-current
Riding on the Beach in Baja Mexico, 1979
Birthday ride, Azusa Stables 1981
Riding at Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C., 1987
Mother's Day Ride, Pine Cliff Stables 2009
Trail riding with Tracey, Pine Cliff Stables 2010
Anniversary ride, Elkhorn Lodge 2012
A wintry trail ride with James and Carol, Chatfield Stables 2013


  1. Love the horses also just wondering,
    When did you start riding?, and, what age were you?
    Breyer 01!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful running horses with colorful halters looks great and supportive as well.

  3. I like the personalized nylon halters wear by most horses and it looks awesome in white horses.