Huntseat Tack

Huntseat Set owned and photographed by Erin Corbett, 2009
Huntseat saddle with number pocket pad, 2009
Snaffle bridle, 2009
All purpose pony saddle made for Mindy Berg, 2010
Iva Kimmelman's Stubben Siegfried, 2010
Hunter type snaffle bridle with raised browband and noseband and laced reins, 2010
Jumper bridle made for Heather Puleo, 2011
Four saddles, 2012
Two saddles, 2013
Snaffle bridle owned by Tracy Eilers, 2013

Dressage Tack

Dressage saddle made for Breyer's WEG Diorama Project, 2010
Detail of the WEG saddle and girth, 2010
 WEG Bridle, 2010

Saddleseat Tack

Double bridle, 2009?
Saddleseat saddles owned by Erin Corbett and Marci Driscoll, 2011


Pony pleasure harness owned and photographed by Karen Gerhardt, 2008?

Racing Tack

Pink and brown racing set owned and photographed by Erin Corbett, 2010

Endurance Tack

NAN Auction donation saddle, 2009
NAN Auction donation set, doll by Jane Schneider, 2009
Complete auction package, tack by BCS/dolls by Jane Schneider, 2009

Western Tack

Pink gaming bridle and breastcollar owned by Tiffany Purdy, 2008
Gaming saddle made to fit the Breyer junior rider doll, 2009-2010
Western Bridle made for the MEPSA tackmaking contest, 2010
Western show bridle made for the MEPSA Tackmaking Contest, 2011

Packing Tack

Pack set photographed and formerly owned by Emily McFadden, 2009

Specialty/Costumes/International Tack

Portuguese set, 2007
Showring style Arabian costume made for the Blab Arab Costume Contest, 2008
Each contestant was challenged to make a costume using the same miniature Turkish rug as a starting point.
My costume included a saddleseat type saddle and girth as well as the bridle breastplate and saddle drapes.
Charro set owned and photographed by Kellye Bussye, 2010
Modern English Sidesaddle made for the MEPSA Tackmaking Contest, 2011

Halters and In-hand Bridles

Western show halter, 2007
Light breed show halter, 2007
Arabian show halter, 2009
Leather stable halter, 2010
Western show halter, 2010
Western show halter, 2011
Stable halter made with K. Smith fabric sheets, 2013


Pink leather splint boots, 2010
Ultrasuede Sports Medicine boots, 2010
Leather splint boots, 2010


Jumper style breastplate with real lambskin cover, 2010
Hunter style breastplate with raised standing martingale attachment. 2013

Miscellaneous Items

Doll boots, 2011