Sunday, October 28, 2012

Karen's housewarming party

Yesterday was the first day of Fall Break, and what better way to celebrate than to get in the car and drive up into the mountains to attend a model horse party?
We knew we were at the right place when we saw the Western Pony hanging from the side of the house! 
Once inside, we were greeted by our hostess, Karen Gerhardt, and her beautiful Boyz, Kit Kat and Kanab. 
Karen and her husband, Paul, moved from Boulder to the Colorado high country about a year ago.  Their new home is absolutely lovely.  This is part of the amazing view from their deck! 
Including myself and Karen, there were eight hobbyists in attendance.  Some came alone, others brought their families.  This is Regan's son, Russell.  
Russell and James had a great time playing with the barn Karen's father built. 
After lunch, we all gathered in the living room to glaze some china pumpkins.  
Karen showed us how to do it...
and then we were on our own.
In no time, everyone was painting, talking and laughing.  Who knew china pumpkins could be so much fun?
This is me with the "duplex" pumpkin... 
and this is how all the party pumpkins looked before they entered the kiln.  I can't wait to see the "after" picture!
While the grown-ups talked, the kids found their way to the hot tub.
I believe James' exact words were, "This is living." 
Karen told the kids that if they got too hot, they could get out and roll in the snow.  I think she was kidding, but of course someone had to try it out. 
Whew!  Partying with a bunch of model horse people is exhausting!
As the party began to wind down, we  gathered together for one last picture...
and headed back down the mountain. 
Thanks so much for having us, Karen!  That was a most excellent way to start a vacation.


  1. What a fun gathering that looks like! And I'm glad you stumbled across my other website while looking for poodle ponies because it's led me to your blog. I used to collect Breyer horses as a girl, and if I'd known about model shows etc. would surely have dug into that!

    Your son is right, based on those pix, that IS living!

  2. Oh how this brings it all back. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing so much and so well. I've never actually seen anybody rolling in snow like that...!
    How on earth did you manage parking?!

  3. Karen gave us very specific parking directions and it worked out well. Three people parked in the driveway, three parked on Karen's street and whoever was left parked one street over. Easy peasy! :)

    I told my parents about James' almost naked snow roll, and my father is convinced that he will contract pneumonia by the end of the week. So far, however, he remains perfectly healthy. I have no doubt that given the chance, he'd do it again (and again and again!).