Monday, January 30, 2012

First saddle of 2012

Alicia's side saddle set is finally finished!
I tried to take photos on the horse, but I was too tired to get the lighting right.  Oh well, it looks just as nice on the saddle stand!
This outside the flap billet arrangement is fairly unusual in the real horse world, but it has a lot of advantages for the model horse performance shower.  It's much easier to put on and take off, and the billets hold the flap neatly against the horse's side. 
This is my third side saddle, and without a doubt, this one has the best panels.  These aren't terribly visible when the saddle is in use, but I always like to get the hidden parts right.
One saddle down, a whole bunch more to go!


  1. It looks great I wish i was half as productive as you are ugh .... home schooling sucks ! I cant wait till he can go back to regular school next year. Oh well I just have to try to make the best use of the time I do have . Which right now is working on a pebbles pleasure harness . Great job on the side saddle ... but you tack is always awesome :O)
    BTW where do I find a " Pencil Punch "

  2. Pencil punches are really just high quality mechanical pencils with the lead removed. I am partial to the Staedtler brand, but anything with a metal tip should be ok. Look for them at a store that sells drafting supplies. I have three sizes--.07, .05 and .03 (tiny!).

    I love my kids, but I can not imagine home schooling them. That would be such a bad idea on every imaginable level! Mothers who do that and do it well have my respect!

  3. I must need to find a different brand. Every time I try it, I successfully ruin another mechanical pencil! The tip always gets mashed into the body.

    I love the saddle, and I completely know what you mean about making the hidden parts pretty. When I finally "got" the panels on regular english saddles I nearly threw a party!

  4. That kept happening to me too, the tip would slowly and gradually disappear. So my lovely boyfriend used the tip to create my own custom punch - he set the tip into a turned metal handle for me. It's lasted 5 years now, the tip is getting slightly wonky but he made it so that changing tips should be fairly easy. I keep telling him he could make some money if he made more of them!

  5. My first two Staedtlers lasted about five years each. Considering how many holes I punch in a year, I think they were amazingly durable. My new ones have a slightly different design and they don't *look* as sturdy. I suppose only time will tell, though.

  6. The saddle looks awesome!! I looks like you've taken pictures of a real saddle!
    I'm using rotring mecanical pencils, they come in differents sizes and they are durable as well. I put a thick piece of paperboard under the leather, this will protect the pencil from being hit too hard.

  7. Love that model, LOVE the saddle! I have a little dream to ride someday in a real sidesaddle. That is just super-cool. Great work, as always!