Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes they even walk!

So what about walking models?  Is there anyway they can be shown in the Cross Country class?  Before you make up your mind, take a look at the following photo sequence.

This Beginner Novice pair looked completely unremarkable as they popped over the logs at the entry of the second water obstacle at the National Horse Trials.
Upon landing the rider slowed the horse to a walk...
and continued walking...
as they approached...
and entered the water.
More walking.
Halfway through the water obstacle and they're still walking!
Finally--a trot!
Out of the water and...
full speed ahead (relatively speaking!) to the next obstacle.
Ok, let me be very clear about one thing--I don't actually think a walking model is a good choice for the Cross Country class.  Even at the slower speeds of the Beginner Novice level, there is simply no way this horse finished the course without time faults.  He took forever to complete this obstacle, and these pictures do not represent a winning cross country round.  

Still, it's something to consider if you're really determined to enter that Breyer John Henry or Lone Star resin in every single class at your next live show!

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