Friday, October 29, 2010

Something shiny arrived today

But I don't get to keep it.
This limited edition model (less than twenty five pieces) was given to each of the artists who participated in the WEG Diorama Project.  It's a lovely, glossy piece and although I would love to keep it, I really can't afford to.
If you're interested in adding this model to your collection, I'm taking offers starting at $1,500.  Please see my MH$P ad for more details.  I promise I will use part of the funds to fix my camera!


  1. He is a lovely model and well deserved by all participants in this project. I hope you get your price. Wish I could buy him from you.

  2. WOOW!! What a gorgeous model! Too bad I don't have that kind of money.

  3. In a perfect world I would A)keep the model, B) trade it for a resin painted by Carol Williams or C) sell it at a discounted price to one of my friends. Sadly, this year has been extremely imperfect and I feel I need to go the mercenary route. :(

    I do have a couple people interested so I expect I'll get my asking price. That will pay the mortgage for a month plus the vet bills my son's rat has incurred this week. That's not as fun as a Carol Williams resin, but it's definitely going to make things a bit easier around here.

  4. Ooh, hugs to the rat!

  5. Sadly, the rat didn't make it. We tried and she tried but the infection was just too much for her. Digging a grave right now.


  6. Mega bummer Jennifer! Hugs to ya'll :(