Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sneak peek for Heather

This one is nearing completion.
Panels and finishing touches tomorrow!


  1. I have a saddle just like this only full-sized in my living room right now getting a scrub down. I think it was the "Dover special" of 1982. I used that saddle for everything.

    I like that there's a slot for the stirrup leather, and the colors are just perfect.

  2. Thanks! This is actually a portrait of Heather's real saddle. The colors are close but not spot on. I'm hoping she won't mind. Lighter colored leather dyes give me fits. Every little imperfection shows and I end up with so much waste leather it makes me want to cry.... I've been rethinking prices for 2011, and this saddle has me convinced that from here on in, lighter colored saddles are going to be an upcharge. I kind of hate to do that but... that waste pile is ridiculous!

    That said, I kind of want to make a saddle this color for myself. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment!

  3. I love the slotted look. It's one of those things my real saddle has that I ended up liking, even though my leathers never use it :)

    You sure you don't wanna do a real size saddle? ;) I'm dreading the search to the point where I haven't started yet.

  4. WOW!!!! It looks amazing so far! Now I really need to get my derrière in gear and finish the model it's going on. Haha. I am so impressed and thrilled! And I'm sorry that my replica saddle is being a pain. Orange tack is irritating in any scale I suppose. I still love my incorrect tack on my dark bay mare. XD I can't wait to see the full set completed now.

  5. I bought a spray setup from Tandy when they were on sale, along with some dye thinner, and light colored Fiebings dyes work much better using those. I bought several different glass bottles so I just keep what I don't use and swap out bottles for different colors.

    As far as waste leather, can't you dye it darker for another project?

  6. Heather, I am SO glad you are pleased. Portrait saddles are fun but a little bit scary. I see all the things that aren't exactly the same and I really stress over them!

    Allie, mostly I recycle waste pieces into the interior parts of the saddle that no one sees. I have re-dyed pieces in the past, but I rarely do that anymore. It seems like each application of dye makes the leather a bit stiffer and I don't like that. Plus, I hate to use a flawed piece. It doesn't matter that the flaw is visible only to me... I still don't want it to be there.

    Obviously, I am WAY TOO PICKY. Dealing with perfectionist tendencies is a real struggle for me. Sometimes it's a wonder I manage to finish things at all.

    Your spray setup sounds really interesting. I will have to investigate that when (if?) we ever get our employment situation straightened out.