Monday, October 4, 2010


I've been sick.  Not go to the doctor type sick, but sick enough that I've spent more time lying on the couch being miserable than sitting in my studio being productive.  Still, I have managed to finish up a few odds and ends.
Here's hoping that tomorrow will bring a return to normalcy!


  1. I hope so too! Being sick is no fun.

  2. There is a flu going around. My brother got it, gave it to Dad, who gave it to me, where I in turn passed it off to my hubby. It was miserable. The worst thing is you just lose days of work.

  3. I didn't mention it in the post, but if I had to be sick, I'm glad I was sick yesterday. Laying on the couch was a lot more enjoyable than usual thanks to the five straight hours of WEG coverage!

    Today I am better, mostly just puny and tired. Ryan is better, too, but he's been on and off sick for two weeks now so I don't know if he's really better or just having a good day.

  4. In times such as these, one needs a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket. :) Of course, a lot of equine television helps, too!