Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Post weekend show report

Today's photos are courtesy of Erin Corbett who attended a large live show in Groningen, Holland this past weekend.  Here's a look at the big Harness class.
Log skidding with Wintersong.
I love the clogs!
A really cool produce cart.
A closer look at the wares.
Harness class winner.
The English division was next.  This is a Stone stock horse--love the braids!
The eventual second place winner.
Erin's entry was the jumping class winner.  Aben is a drastic custom PAM by Tiffany Purdy.  His tack was made by Jennifer Kistler and Erin made the jump.
Erin's Utopia in dressage.  Once again, the tack was made by Jennifer Kistler.
Another dressage entry.
I love the judge's stand!
Erin's Victrix named won the English class.  Snowberry is a Victrix painted and haired by Tom Bainbridge.  I made the tack.
On to Western.  Erin made this lovely Western Pleasure saddle which is now owned by her friend Melanie Knuttel.
The saddle on this Zippo was made by Dutch tackmaker, Anne Van Der Weel. Isn't it beautiful?
Erin's Rose Reiner, Rein or Shine, won the Western Pleasure/Reining class.  Rein or Shine was painted by Mel Miller.  Anne Field dressed his doll, Erin made the saddle and bridle and I made the boots.
Erin also won the Western Trail class with this entry.  The model is a Sarah Rose Lone Star resin customized by Mel Miller and painted by Tracy Eilers.  I absolutely covet this horse.  He is so neat!
The winner of the Arabian costume class.
A neat lunging entry.
Very nice draft horse tack on a Breyer Clydesdale stallion.
When the Other Performance division was over, the winners came back for the Performance Championship.  Snowberry was third,
Rein or Shine was second,
and Dusty was the  Overall Champion.
Talk about having a good day--Erin's horses swept the awards!   Congratulations Erin and thanks for letting me post your pictures!


  1. Great pictures! That PAM by Tiffany is jaw-dropping! Her work always astonishes me.

  2. Ooo, I must have that produce stand! And the fjord harness! GIMME GIMME GIMME! All the yummy eye candy can come too :)

  3. Thank you so much for the comment on my saddle! it really means a lot to me! Sometime this week it will get a new cantle because I had to rush it for the show and I didn't have enough time to get my pattern just right.

    The tack on the Wintersong, Journeyman, Mon Gamin and the Clydesdale stallion is all made by Charlotte Pijnenburg and the Arab costume is made by Sanne Heldens.

    Erin's entries were awesome and they did really well! She's given performance a boost in the Netherlands. It's great to see the classes get bigger and the quality go up :D

  4. Thanks for that information, Anne. I'd never heard of Charlotte Pijnenburg but she's definitely on my radar now--lovely work on all those pieces! Your saddle is beautiful, too. I spent a day in Erin's studio when she still lived in Oregon. She showed me how to tool those flowers, but mine didn't look nearly as nice as yours!

  5. Yay Erin! I love her Lonestar, want to steal it :)

  6. Question: where can I find more information about the draft horse tack on the Clydesdale? I know I could whip one of those out before my first show of the season, and I don't know what to look under. What class does that show in, etc?

    Beautiful horses and tack by all!! I hope I can achieve that quality someday!

  7. Lindsay, it's called a surcingle. I'm sure you can find info about it online by a search.

  8. I figured it was that, but I didn't know if there was anything special that they used for the classes.

    Would that go in an "other performance" class, perhaps?

  9. I've indeed showed it in "other performance", but I don't know which other classes you've got in the show.

  10. Well, for one of the November show, Other Performance would be the only option. I'm not sure what the March show has.

  11. There were some really cool entries! Nice job!