Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Halloween horses

The third and final costume class at this year's Halloween With Horses was for riders and handlers twelve years of age and younger.  Entries included this little farmer with her Holstein cow.
Where there's a ghost...
 there's often a Ghostbuster!
Hawaiian hula dancers.
A knight in shining armor.
 Bo Peep's sheep.
The carousel entry consisted of not one...
 but two cute Appaloosa ponies.
Another cute pony was dressed as a bull for this rodeo themed entry.
These two "eggs" were part of an ambitious, multi-horse group that represented the life cycle of a butterfly.
Some of the other horses in the group were dressed as caterpillars...
and butterflies.
And the winners were...  The bullrider came in third.
This pony was so ridiculously cute that I feel compelled to include an extra picture of him.  Just look at those adorable little fuzzy pony ears!!!!
Second place went to Little Bo Peep and her sheep.
The butterfly group won the blue ribbon.
Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to Cara for allowing me to use her brand new camera.  There were so many wonderful and creative costumes at this year's Halloween With Horses--I would have been a most unhappy camper if I watched the class without a camera in my hands!

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