Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween with Horses

Yesterday Ryan, James, Cara, Nate and I headed out to the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado for the annual Halloween with Horses celebration.
Halloween with Horses is my favorite family friendly event of the year.  There is so much to do and you do not have to be a horse lover to enjoy yourself.  This year's event included multiple bounce houses, two Trick or Treat barns, hay rides, a petting zoo and a craft fair.  There was also a pumpkin patch,
the infamous Stable of Terror (a haunted house),
and an obstacle course that included both stadium...
and cross country jumps.
Inside the barn there were equines of all shapes and sizes.
Out in the rings there were free horse and pony rides for big...
 and little riders.
Best of all, there was lots and lots of horsey entertainment in the main arena.  This included demonstrations by several breed groups including this Peruvian Paso.
The Westernaires drill team also made several appearances.
This is their "Riders of the Steppes" group.
It was the costume classes, however, that I enjoyed the most.  The first class was for riders and handlers twenty two years of age and older.  There were four entries and the winner was this camouflaged horse.
The pair of witches came in second...
and the seventeenth century countess on her grey horse were third.
The boys and I liked the Pikachu horse best, but the judges obviously did not share our opinion as he finished out of the ribbons.
Ah, just look at his cute little Pokemon face!
More (and better) costume pictures to follow!


  1. I like Pokemon too! and Thelma and Luis - ! What a hoot!

  2. You have created a new horse lover who wants to take lessons. Thanks for taking my kids they both had a great day and I had fun driving in circles in Edwardo!

  3. Whahaha, the Pikachu horse is brilliant! I also really like the the two witches.

  4. Glad you had a nice day.

  5. I was thinking of you all day :)

  6. I hope you don't mind if I snag a copy of the purple dress picture, since that is me and my Peruvian mare, Vista! I love this dress and have never seen what it looks like from the back. My mare was so excited in that performance she could hardly contain herself LOL! Thanks! Lisa

  7. Hi Lisa--It's good to hear from you. Your mare and dress were both lovely! I'm sure I have other pictures of the two of you from that day. If you send me an email reminder, I would be happy to send them along.