Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gone to the dogs

It's only Tuesday, but I've already given up hope of getting anything done in the studio this week.  The kids are out of school and Seth is also at home.  The house is loud and bustling and quiet studio time is at a premium.

Mostly, however, I blame the dogs.  

Just look what's happened to my workspace.  It's been completely taken over by the dogs!
Time and space issues aside, it's extremely difficult to concentrate when the little Darcy dog is curled up at my feet.
Seriously, how could anyone resist this face?
Sooner or later things will get back to normal, but for the time being my life has officially gone to the dogs.


  1. You've got no hope

  2. How is Maggie liking Darcy? Is that her official name?

  3. Yep, her name is officially Darcy.

    Maggie is a funny dog. We adopted her as an adult and she came with a lot of baggage. There are whole pieces of her that aren't really there, but the things she's good at, she's *really* good at. One of those things is that she has the best dog social skills imaginable. She gets along with all dogs--aggressive, timid, big, small--it just doesn't matter. I knew all along that Maggie would welcome a new dog into our house and she really has. Darcy is lucky to have her.

  4. That little face is absolutely irresistible!

  5. Darcy is such a sweety!