Sunday, October 10, 2010


There's no denying that 2010 has been a pretty rotten year.  The first couple months were ok, but then we were hit with rash of necessary and expensive home repairs.  Those were followed by an unexpected layoff and Abbie's death.  Just when things were getting back to normal, my husband was laid off again...  When my camera broke yesterday, it just seemed like the last straw.

Today, however, things seem a little less bleak.  I may not own a working camera, but I sure do have some wonderful friends.  Thank you to Carol and Tiffany for offering me loaner cameras.  You have no idea how much I appreciate you both!

Somehow it seems totally appropriate that the first two loaner camera pictures are of gift pieces I've made for my friends.  This bridle is for Teresa who drags me out of my house when I am feeling depressed and antisocial and then listens to me go on and on and on about my problems.  Hope you like it, T!
And this breastplate is for Tiffany who sends me funny emails and beautiful models that I could not afford otherwise.  The fluffy stuff is real lambskin which is wonderfully soft and incredibly easy to work with. 
I'm not going to pretend that I don't miss my big camera.  It took me a ridiculous amount of time to get two decent photos with the little point and shoot.  Still, any camera is better than no camera, and I am a much happier person today than I was yesterday.  Thanks again, Carol!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you! And you are totally welcome - anytime, anywhere m'dear!

  2. OOh, where do you get the lambskin? That looks great!

    I'm sorry about your camera. Have you looked into having them repair it? We had one repaired by Olympus once and it was painless and cost far less than a new camera.

  3. btw, the breastcollar is *rockin'* too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the lambskin.

  4. That breastcollar is awesome! I hope 2010 ends up a lot better for you than it began and has continued. They say things happen in 3's right? Well looks like things are going to look up for you!

  5. Glad you like it, Teresa!

    The lambskin came from Tiffany. Apparently the largest furrier in the Midwest is located twenty minutes from her house so every now and then she sends me some very interesting leathers. It's good to have such :)