Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dutch National Championships

More pictures from Erin Corbett, these were taken at the Dutch National Championships held in Groningen, Holland this past weekend.  Erin writes: Here in Holland, if your horse wins Champ, Reserve or 3rd place in a breed, color or performance championship judge-off, you are given a card that qualifies the entry to the nationals. The cool thing is that you can earn the cards also at the regular show held before hand!

Here's a look at the Performance Championship table.
By my calculations, five of those entries belong to Erin including two with full BCS tack sets.  This is Snowberry who qualified earlier in the day...
and Norman who earned his ticket back in June.  
Also qualifying in June was Granite, a Knightly Cadence resin that was sculpted and painted by Carol Williams.  Erin made his tack and Marilyn Fowler dressed his doll.
Some of the non-Erin entries included this Stone stock horse, 
a Depeche resin in harness, 
and this really cool circus entry.
And the winners are...  Erin's Rein or Shine takes the bronze,
Granite grabs the silver,
and Dusty brings home the gold.  Congratulations to Erin on sweeping the medals!
Now here's a look at the Mini Performance Champions.  This scene class entry took the bronze.
Erin's Pebbles Arabian won the silver in her parade outfit.
Last but not least, this trio of G1 stablemates won the Gold.
Congratulations to all the Champions and thanks again to Erin for her contributions to today's post.


  1. Yay! I'm pictured on your blog! That's me in the second photo, unstickywaxing my Zippo, haha!

    The tack on the stock horse has been made by Charlotte Pijnenburg. The Arabian diorama and tack has been made by Daphne van Nieuwkasteel (she's on Blab). I don't know who made the tack on the other entries.

  2. I chuckled at "Non-Erin entries", LOL! It's true... I showed a lot. During the judging the judge looked over at me and said "This is really what you love doing, isn't it? I can tell!"

    So, I had fun. You are always welcome to my show pics!

  3. Erin, I LOVE your show pictures. Thank you so much for letting me use them again and again. Next time, however, you should be sure to include all of Anne in a picture. The headless unstickywaxing just doesn't cut it! :)

  4. Oh I love that they have a whole separate performance division for the Minis! That is something that you don't see often here, and I think minis often get overlooked next to all the big traditionals!