Monday, February 8, 2010

My next project

After three weeks of Charro saddles, I am returning to my roots--literally. My next project is a school horse set built around a miniature version of my own first saddle.
I bought this Courbette secondhand in 1983 with my first ever paycheck. It is a true all purpose saddle of that era with its deep seat, suede padded flap, knee rolls and a round cantle complete with crupper ring. Because it is a pony saddle, it has a shorter flap than its adult sized counterparts.
I rode in this saddle all through my teenage years and its sentimental value is extreme. It's monetary value, on the other hand, is close to zero. The top of the saddle still looks ok, but you can see thirty years worth of wear and tear in the panels and billets.
There's no way to save leather once it gets in this condition. I won't be riding in this saddle ever again.
Despite that, I have no plans to get rid of it. How could I? It reminds me of Cinnamon,Snickers,
Tilly and at least other dozen other horses and ponies who put up with my teenage self.
This next tack set may not be as exciting or impressive as the Charro package, but I have a feeling that it just may be my favorite order of the year!


  1. Ah - the good old days - back before seat belts and helmets.

  2. I have a saddle like that! :-) I also have the very first harness I ever made (real one). I thought those white spacers were cool at the time, so it had a lot of those, luckily they are removable. I was very proud that I cut the breast collar myself.I also still love buck stitched saddles. --Lorrie

  3. Your first saddle is STILL better than the POS Mom and I bought! Now Flick has a spendy Neidersuisse :)

  4. I can still see it in the corner of your bedroom!