Saturday, November 15, 2008

My scary new resins

Oh, I've had a great day! Since we do not have another show in this area for months and months, some of our local hobbyists organized a swap meet and potluck lunch which was held at Fran Lowe's house today. I really love these kind of noncompetitive gatherings. I'm always so crazed at live shows, especially if I'm showing performance. I manage to talk to a few friends, but that's about it. Plus, since I only show performance and custom and resin halter, I really don't know the OF people at all. It was simply wonderful to spend a day talking to both old friends and new-to-me people, admiring both real and plastic horses and eating lots of delicious food!

I didn't bring anything to sell and had not intended to buy anything. However, I'm a sucker for a good project, and when I saw these two multi-pieces resins on Karen Gerhardt's table, I was unable to resist. The big Boreas will be a simple fix.The Caprice will be a bit more work. I'm thinking of reassembling him into a piaffe position. This is probably a case of "Famous Last Words," but I just don't think it will be all that difficult. The funny thing is that I had not one but two people tell me that they thought of me as Karen was unboxing all his pieces... Yeah, both those people have seen my scary project shelf! Here are they are all bagged up and ready to come home with me. For some reason I find this picture to be really funny. I'm absolutely delighted with my purchases. Honestly, I think having these broken things is as exciting to me as having two pristine resins. I can't wait to start fixing them up!I took lots and lots of other pictures and will probably post them here tomorrow. Thanks again to Fran for having us in her home and to Karen for my new ponies!

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  1. Hi, lovely work sewing that big guy back together! Did you just have one long piece of wire and thread it through?