Sunday, November 30, 2008

My new Egyptian Dancing Horse Costume

Nearly a year ago, I was delighted to work out a trade deal with Melissa Sage. I agreed to make her two English saddle sets in exchange for an Egyptian Dancing Horse costume and a few other assorted goodies. I am a fast worker (usually) so my part of the trade was completed in early 2008. Melissa's had a busier year. She moved, she had surgery, her kids had surgery... Not surprisingly, it's taken her a long time to finish my costume.

It arrived yesterday, and without a doubt, this was worth the wait!You can see better pictures of it on Melissa's blog : It's grey and snowy here today and the light is just terrible for photography. Still, I am pleased with the above picture. My little Regel resin is not a competitive halter horse, but that doesn't mean he can't have a successful costume career. I think he looks marvelous in his new clothes!

Thank you, Melissa, for such a lovely addition to my Tack by Other Tackmakers collection!

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