Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am thankful

Every year before Thanksgiving, my kids come home from school with a new set of I am Thankful books. Despite being completely predictable, I always enjoy this particular classroom assignment.
Today's post is my own personal version of an I am Thankful book, and probably will be just as lacking in originality (sorry!).

First and foremost I'm thankful for my healthy, happy family. I am thankful that I still like my husband some thirteen years later and that our smart, funny boys are are doing well in school and all their other ventures.
I am thankful for my dogs and am especially thankful that my beloved Abbie is still here curled up at my feet as she has been for the past fourteen years. Six months ago, she was battling three separate and serious medical problems, and it seemed unlikely we would be successful in returning her to health and happiness. I am so grateful she has defied the odds and is back to being her bossy, bratty self.Like James, I am thankful for our house. It's no dream house, but it's warm, bright and cheerful. We bought it in 2003 when the real estate market was booming, and I am grateful we did not allow the real estate agent or mortgage broker talk us into overspending (they tried!). I am equally thankful that in today's uncertain economy, my husband's profession seems to be recession proof, allowing me to stay home with our kids and to make lots of little saddles.Lastly and perhaps most relevant here, I am thankful for the model horse hobby in general and for my friends and customers in particular. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement I have received from you over the years. I appreciate every single person who has ever bought a piece of my tack.

I am extra thankful when people send me pictures like these:
The pinto pony is Tiffany Purdy's Molly, 2008 NAN Champion CM Other Performance, wearing her BCS endurance set (picture courtesy of NAMHSA and used with permission). The overo Ruffian is Susan Hargrove's Get Go Gal, 2008 NAN Champion CM Speed Game -Barrel Racing/Pole Bending, wearing her BCS skid boots. No matter how big or small, I love to see pictures of my tack in use. Thanks, Tiffany and Susan.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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